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Prayer Challenge Day 2 + Realizations

The second day of the prayer challenge went well! I realized a lot about my personal prayer life and some changes I need to make.

I spent intentional time in my car praying to God and thanking Him for everything. I feel such a peace when I’m talking to Him and laying out my feelings and thoughts. I definitely thanked Him for everything, but then I told Him of my desires and dreams. Dreams I’m afraid to say out loud. That seem crazy and not attainable. And I felt….

Relief. And peace. Telling my dreams to God felt like handing them to Him. That was a great revelation.

I also realized that it is so hard to create time to be with Him. How crazy is that? The God of the universe wants a relationship with me… and I can’t find the time? How crazy is that?!

I am hoping and praying that as this challenge continues, I won’t have to create time, but my prayers will never cease and be all day. I hope I will be in constant communication with Him.

How did your second day go?



I'm an Elementary Education major that plans to teach kids and make an impact on their lives. I love Jesus with my entire being, and would love to share Him with you. I also love to read, sing, write, buy fantastic clothes, knit and make people laugh. "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she laughs at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

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